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Overview of the Rocket Evaporators and Sample Holders
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Rocket Evaporators use patented vacuum technology to evaporate solutions to dryness, or a concentrate, rapidly and safely.

The latest Synergy series offers integrated, flexible solutions for processing a wide range of sample volumes. Interchangeable rotors will accommodate tubes, flasks and batch volumes of up to 100L.

Two models are offered:
Rocket Synergy, will evaporate samples in flasks, tubes, or a variety of innovative Genevac sample holders such as the SampleGenie. The removable rotor may be replaced with a 5L 316 stainless steel vessel for batch processing.
Rocket 4D Synergy is designed primarily to evaporate large sample volumes, with autofeed if required. The Rocket 4D Synergy can also be fitted with a removable flask rotor to accommodate the full range of Rocket Sample handling solutions such as flasks, tubes and SampleGenie.

Now you don't need to choose between flask or batch/feed evaporation. The Rocket and Rocket 4D Synergy evaporators will accommodate your process, whatever the volume. Each is capable of replacing several rotary evaporators and saving valuable bench space.

The Rocket Synergys rotor can be replaced with a vessel for batch processing.

The Rocket 4D Synergys vessel can easily be removed and replaced with a flask rotor.

There are two principle applications for the Rocket:
1. for concentrating to a small volume
2. for drying samples completely
Not sure which Rocket you need? This film will help you choose.
The Rocket evaporator has been specifically designed with automated sample concentration in mind.  Typically, samples require concentratation before analysis to enable more accurate results to be obtained, and is often used in the field of Environmental Analysis, for example, to determine if there are any pesticide residues in a vegetable crop. 
The Rocket can concentrate up to 6 flasks of 450ml in parallel, and if desired, concentrate the samples directly into a 2ml GC autosampler vial, with no user intervention.  The speed of evaporation previously not been available, and enables users to abandon highly labour intensive methods, and make time for science.
The Rocket Evaporator has been designed to concentrate and dry samples in parallel, very fast.  The Rocket can dry up to 6 flasks of 450ml, and if desired, concentrate the samples directly into small vials, all with no user intervention.  The speed of evaporation previously not been available, and enables users to abandon highly labour intensive methods, and make time for science rather than attending to their evaporator.
Each Puck can hold three ASE vials, taking the total capacity of the Rocket Evaporator to 18 vials. The Rocket dries these tubes very quickly and in parallel, providing complete safety for the sample. Dri-Pure technology prevents bumping and cross contamination and the system has precise temperature control - not forgetting that your samples are cold while they are boiling. Rocket delivers very high analyte recoveries, even for the most volatile analytes.
To concentrate most samples in ASE vials, it is necessary to add a solvent keep. More can be found about this methodology on the Concentration technology page.
The maximum working volume of vials in the Puck is 55ml. Evaporation speeds in the Puck are fast - 33 minutes for 18 vials with 55ml of hexane, 55 minutes for 18 vials with 55ml of methanol. These at a typical low steam temperature of 40C. The samples when boiling are typically between 0C and -20C depending on operating pressure.
Please contact Genevac to request a demonstration. Alternatively, a demonstration the Puck can be viewed in this video demonstration.
Rocket 4D is an automated evaporation system for large volumes of solvent, from a few litres to 50 litres or 100 litres.  The system feeds the solution for evaporation to the evaporation vessel, controls temperature, controls pressure, prevents bumping and foaming, drains the condenser, stops when dry or concentrated, and if required, redissolves the product in a small volume of solvent, unattended, and with no user intervention!  Rocket 4D provides fast, safe evaporation for solvents with a boiling point of up to 165C (DMF), and can easily dry aqueous samples.

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